Saturday, 6 February 2016


3 x 10 40kg leg extension
3 x 10 35kg leg adductor machine
3 x 10 150kg leg press

1 min passive hang 30kg assistance
3 x 10 25kg shoulder press machine

30 20kg abdominal crunch machine legs in new position
3 x 12kg l/r assisted kettlebell bottoms-up press
3 x 10 15kg press from behind neck

5 Swamp Box jumps
1 left, 1 right TRX assisted pistol squat

power plate stretches
(seated twists, squat, shoeless forward fold, back bend over Swiss ball)

I have done a legs and shoulder session, when I should have done back and triceps. Always tomorrow I suppose.

Chinese takeaway probably. I am writing this on Friday afternoon but I have pre booked.
no scales, no booze diary in Cardiff.

Also just learned Mum has crashed the car so I will try and get away down the M4 earlier.

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