Wednesday, 3 February 2016


3 x 10 40kg bench press
3 x 10 12.5kg cable crossovers
10 30kg, 10 35kg, 10 40kg incline press machine

1 min 30kg assited static hang
30 20kg abdominal crunch machine legs in new position

3 x 10 20kg curl machine
3 x 10 ez-bar preacher curls 7.5kg on each end of the metal bar
3 x 10 1/r 14kg dumbbell preacher curls

power plate stretches
(seated twists, forward fold, squat, back bend over Swiss ball)

1 left, 1 right TRX assisted pistol squats

Apple, ginger, mint and veg juice
all day breakfast sarnie
sausage and veg casserole
nuts, banana, yoghurt and maple syrup

13 st 2

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