Tuesday, 9 February 2016


10 20kg lats pulldown
10 30kg lats pulldown
10 30kg lats pulldown
10 35kg lats pulldown
10 40kg lats pulldown
10 45kg lats pulldown
3 x 10 40kg lats pulldown

1 min passive hang 30kg assistance
30 20kg abdominal crunch machine

3 x 10 50kg triceps machine
3 x 10 10kg l/r dumbell triceps extensions
3 x 10 20kg cable pullover

couldn't summon up a Swamp Box jump
power plate stretches
(seated twists, forward fold, squat)

I am waking up with a stiff lower back so I left out the back bend over Swiss ball. I will see how that goes..... actually my back was less stiff this morning.

burritos and guacomole
lager and wine

13 st 0

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